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Drink pure water


Feel the purity of osmosis water with the Purefive equipment. Manufactured with the best materials to achieve excellent performance and efficiency. The innovation in its connections makes the installation very simple and fast, in addition, it improves the productivity of the team..

Available with or without pressure pump

Purefive is available in two different versions, with a pressure pump and without a pressure pump, guaranteeing the best solution in any home. The Purefive system with pump includes a cut-off electrovalve, which makes the system ecological, saving water.

Very weak mineralization water at any time

With this reverse osmosis water filtration system, we obtain water with very weak mineralization, healthier than other types of water and that improves the health of our body.

High end faucet

6L large capacity tank

Huge Membrane production of 75 GPD

Low mineralization water


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