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With salt and maintenance alarm

Huge production

Harmony manages to supply up to 1500L of softened water per day. It is the ideal option for 4 people.

Save water and salt

The 13L Harmony softener performs countercurrent regeneration, thus becoming more ecological and with superior performance.

Bypass con posición personalizable

The 13 litre Harmony softener performs countercurrent regeneration, thus achieving a more ecological and superior performance. Bypass with customizable position The easiest installation in softeners. Harmony includes bypass with customizable position, adapting to any need in any installation.

Holiday mode

Keeps your equipment in optimal condition during long periods of non-use.

Salt and maintenance alarm

With the salt and maintenance alarm we gain in security. Harmony will notify us when the salt replenishment and equipment maintenance are due..

Dry salt regeneration

Smart software

Statistical softeners with up to 24 diagnoses

Low consumption programming


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