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Large cold water capacity

Blue sea

Reverse osmosis or filtration dispenser that provides water with very weak mineralization without the need to change bottles. This equipment has a large cold water storage capacity, up to 5-6 litres, always ready for consumption.

No bottle replacement

The water accumulates in its tanks, hot and cold water, so we always have reverse osmosis water available.

Water for drinking and cooking

The water provided by Blue Sea is osmosis water, so we can use it not only for drinking, but also for cooking, and our recipes will improve its flavor.

Large cold water capacity

The Blue Sea accumulator tank accumulates up to 5.6L of cold water, guaranteeing that it is always available for use

Reverse osmosis and filtration

Blue Sea dispensers are available in both the reverse osmosis version and the filtration version (without membrane), adapting to any need.

Reverse osmosis water and filtration

Blue Sea has three light indicators for hot, cold and on water

More than 300L per day Water always available in the tanks

5L of cold water always available


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